A stunning pictorial touring guide to New Zealand’s North Island and South Island.  Inspirational journeys through the spectacular scenery of the New Zealand – the perfect travel guide to ‘heartland’ New Zealand.

These ‘must have’ iBooks are illustrated with 1500 stunning images, both aerial and landscape, and commentary about the towns, cities, culture and history of the people of New Zealand.

Stunning pictorial touring guides to New Zealand. Inspirational journeys through the spectacular scenery.

Ever wanted to go to NZ? It’s like being there.

When you click the Apple ‘get it on iBook’ tab, you are taken to the preview page in iTunes. In order to buy the book you must click view in iBooks button where you will see the same preview page, but here it has the option to buy.

Please make me a happy author and click to buy!

I believe the reason for this double exposure to the preview page is to prevent non Apple owners (Androiders) from attempting to download an Apple only product. If I am teaching my grandmother to suck eggs, sorry!

Ever wanted to go to NZ?

Get the books, it’s like being there!

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