A comprehensive travel and photographic guide to New Zealand available in 2 Apps for iPad: North Island and South Island.

Whether travelling to New Zealand or wanting to remember a recent visit – these are the Apps to buy.

These Apps are more like an e-book containing nearly 500 pages, split into journeys that take you to every corner of New Zealand.  Each App is illustrated with 1000+ stunning photographs (aerial and ground based). Interactive maps highlight the journeys to help you navigate. The Apps are packed with lots of interesting facts about the people, places and culture of New Zealand.  We’ve also added links to external regional websites to assist you in your travel planning (please note: the Apps do not contain any 3rd party advertising. All links have been chosen by the Authors to aid you in your planning).

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How do I buy?

Just click on the links below to take you straight to iTunes (only available for iPad at this time).

North Island App


South Island App



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